Birthday Cakes

A birthday cake has become quite famous. When it is about celebrated the birthday then all you need is few friends and a cake. No birthday can be worth without a sweet and delicious cake. The tradition of the birthday cake celebration is very old. According to the mythology the cakes were discovered in the times of ancient Greek. Now the birthday cake is known in every loop and the corner of the world for the celebration of the birthday.

Whenever you have to celebrate the birthday or to arrange a birthday party then you also go to the nearest bakery shop to get the cake.

Types of Birthday Cakes

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There are different types and design of cakes which are present and make the birthday a very special occasion.

Flavors of Cakes:

The flavors of the birthday cakes keep on vary from the taste of tongue. The flavors of the cakes have the wonderful taste and the flavors are extracted from many fruits, flowers and chocolates.

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Strawberry, vanilla and peach are highly used in flavoring the cakes. The chocolate flavor is the all time favorite flavor and it is used in making numerous cakes. The chocolate cake uses the dark chocolate or the mild chocolate to make the cakes. Bakers keep on experimenting with the flavors of cakes and make the cakes with new flavors and mixing the flavors.

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Candles on Cakes:

There is the great believe in putting the candles on the cake and blow the candles after making the wish. It is said that on birthday we have to make the wish before cutting the cake and blow off the candles. The smoke of the candle will take the wish to God. This tradition is still on and people keep on putting the candles on the birthday cake. The candles for the birthday cake are stylish and cool. Many people use number candles, flower candles or the candles with the magnificent aroma.

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Designs of Cake:

The designs of cake have a lot of variety in them. There come all sorts of designs of the birthday cakes. Many professional bakers work hard to get the best designs for the birthday cakes. The bakers try to make all the possible designs with the cream and buns. The birthday cakes can make with the designs of beautiful flowers, cartoon characters and even the illustration of a person itself. With the passage in time and the improvement in the technology there is huge variation as come in the design of cake. The beauty of cake all lies in its design and design is given more preference. If the design is good then it will be sold out quickly. Many people also give their own suggestions about the designs to the bakers and get the design of birthday cake according their

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Weight of Cake:

The weight of the birthday cake varies according to your need. It may weigh from half kg to even 10 kg. it all depends on the size of the party and your need of eating the cake. if you want to have more cake on the birthday then you can go for the order of high weight of birthday cake.

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Color of the Cake:

The color of the cake has also a lot to do. The cake must be colorful. The colors such as red, green, pink and white appear good on the cakes. When the baker has to make the designs on the cake then the colors play the key role. You have decided the specific color to the cake designs. There are the natural and artificial colors which are used in the cake designing.  When the bakers has to make the illustration then they have to remain very careful about the colors and resembling colors can only used in the cake designing which are also edible. In cakes only edible colors are used. The colors of the cakes are making by mixing the colors of fruits or by some artificial coloring.

Birthday Cakes

Homemade birthday cakes:

They are also very famous for the birthday party. Many people prefer the birthday cakes because they are more hygienic than the market made cakes. It is easy to bake a birthday cake at home if you have the oven with you. Moreover you can add the flavors of your choice in the cake. you can also learn to bake the delicious cakes at your home.