Birthday Wishes and Messages for Someone very Special

A birthday is an event which is very important not only for celebrants but also for some other special person. In excitement, there are chances you may lose your words to wish your beloved ones. However, You should not worry, it is a time to celebrate a birthday of your love with great zeal and excitement with more loving and sweet wishes for your Special one. We are here to solve your problem with amazing Birthday messages writings.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Someone very Special Person:

Here are some cute and love Happy Birthday wishes for someone special. You can send these to your Crush, Girlfriend, Life Partner, or your family Members. Moreover, these can be printed on cards to wish the people who have great importance in your life.

  • You mean the universe for someone, you should aware. You should take care yourself. I love you so much. May you live Long with me. Happy Birthday
  • It is my good luck that I have such a nice life partner in my life. Would that, I were with you at the time of your Birthday Celebration. Do you know? I love you eternally. However, I do not want to extend my words, Happy Birthday My Queen
  • I have sent you a Birthday Gift. Regretfully, I could not send you stars and moon as I made a promise. But it is not my fault, Moon has feelings of jealousy for you. I know the gift which I have sent is not so beautiful like you but please accept this. Happy Birthday
  • To a wonderful person, Happy Birthday
  • You are a wonderful person in my life, and you deserve wonderful things in your life. Accordingly,  May every wish which you have come true in your life. Happy Birthday
  • You are my World, my Honey. Your love makes me complete. May you live Long. I love you so much. Happy Birthday.
  • One is loved because one is loved, there is no reason to be loved. I love you, Queen. May you live long. This day is more special for me than you because it is your birthday. Happy Birthday
  • Your presence in my life is not less than a great blessing of God. Then how can you think that I may forget your Birthday? Happy Birthday Gorgeous Lady on the Earth.
  • You mean a lot to me. I am nothing without you. May every wish come true in your Life. May you Live Long. Happy Birthday.

How to say Birthday Wishes for a friend or lover on Facebook timeline?

No doubt, Birthday is an event with full of fun but Facebook makes it more exciting. On Facebook Timeline, every friend and family member of Birthday Celebrant wish him/her with different ways. Moreover, Facebook also reminds the exact date of Birth of every friend. So, don’t post in a general way like “Happy Birthday”. You should try some other interesting ways to wish your friend on Facebook. You can try our interesting collection of “Wishes and messages for Friend on Facebook Timeline”.

  • I have an idea! Let’s change your wall on Facebook into Birthday Party.
  • You are a wonderful person who was born on this wonderful day.
  • You know why we are friends. We are friends because we are age fellow. You and I born on same day. Happy Birthday to you and me 😀
  • It is my pleasure that you were born. Otherwise, I am deprived of such a nice person. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday my dear Friend! Please share the pics of today’s celebration on Facebook.
  • May this day fill your life with happiness and joy. May you live long. Happy Birthday
  • Hope so I am the first to wish you on Facebook. And be ready for a treat. Many happy returns of the day.
  • Last year we celebrated this day with fun and joy. Alas! I am away from you, my friend. But thanks Facebook, I am able to wish you. Happy Birthday
  • All my wishes and love with on you this special occasion. Enjoy this day with more zeal
  • You are older but looking sexy still. Happy Birthday my friend.
  • Happy Birthday to my oldest friend of Facebook. May every wish you have come true in your life.

Birthday Wishes for Friend Daughter:

Friendship with a daughter is a unique relationship. You can share every event and everything with your daughter without any hesitation. Birthday of a daughter means a lot for parents especially when a daughter is a friend more than a daughter. It is a very difficult situation to message her with some special words. Our collection of “Birthday Wishes for Friend Daughter” may help you in this regard. So, It is a happiness for us if you use our collection to wish your Daughter on her Birthday.

  • You are a very special girl for both of us. Take care yourself. Moreover, Focus on your exams. May you have success in every field of life. Happy Birthday
  • You are the most attractive and youngest lady for your parents on the earth. Furthermore, I am very glad that this date turned you in 22 years. May you get every success in your life.
  • I often feel proud to have such a good girl like you, my daughter. You cannot imagine how much I and your mother love you. Take care of yourself, except work, you should focus on your health. In addition, you should know that you are apple of our eye. Enjoy your Birthday.
  • Best Birthday! May God change your dreams and wishes in reality. I hope you will like my gift.
  • Love is a very small word to show our Love for you. You are our life. Without you, your parents are nothing. This day is more special for us. So, Enjoy this day with happiness and good future hopes.

Birthday Wishes for Special Sister funny:

Love and affection of a sister are irreplaceable. Siblings share their joys, fun, and sorrows together. There is no alternate of a relationship with a sister. If this relationship is so special, why birthday messages for sister are not special. To make this relation more special we are sharing with you the most amazing “Birthday Wishes for Special Sister Funny” so that you can glitter your relationship more.

  • My dear sister! You are so special to me not because of that you are beautiful but you have the size of me 😛 . I can share your everything easily. Thank God for such a nice sister. Love you so much.
  • I could not find as many candles as your age. So manage with these candles. 😛 Happy Birthday my very special sister
  • You were a good fighter in childhood. And I think so you are also a good fighter at this senility 😀 . Enjoy.
  • You are the only girl which I have ever known with 120 Pounds weight. You fattish, Happy Birthday
  • I wish we may spend hundreds of your birthday together. However, I always thank God for such a stupid sister in my life. You are the best gift of GOD in my life. On next birthday, we will be together. Celebrate your birthday with zeal.


If you have more interesting wishes, please share in the Comment Box. Thank You So Much. Stay Blessed.



Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

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