Top Happy Birthday Paragraphs to Boyfriend (Heart Touching)

A short message and birthday wishes are good for boss and colleagues. But when it comes to boyfriend and girlfriends a short number of words are not enough to show their love. That is why we here to give you “Long Happy Birthday Messages and paragraphs for Boyfriend”.

Happy Birthday wishes and Paragraph to

It is a birthday of the most handsome and charming person. Yes, it is the birthday of my love. You cannot imagine how long every moment become without you. It is very difficult to pass every second of my life without you. Enjoy your birthday without me. On next we will be together, promise.

When I saw you the first time I thought that I found the exact match. Time proved me right. You are the exact person which I have ever dreamt. Your love and care complete me. Without you I am incomplete. Please never leave me alone. Oh! Happy Birthday to my dream’s expression.

I know I will become a patient with diabetes soon. Because I have sweets in my life. Your sweetness is enough to become a diabetes patient, anyone. 😛 . You are my most spoiled habit. Without you I am nothing. Sweet birthday wished for the sweetest person in my life.

Every kiss tells me that how much you are cute. You are the crazy sexiest man on the earth who I have ever known. Happy Birthday to a most loving boyfriend

I want to ask a question to you. Can you count stars in the sky? Moreover, I am sure you cannot count the sands particle. Can you? Then how can you count my love for you? My love for you is uncountable. I love you more than my life. Today is your birthday and I cannot express my feelings for you in words. I just want to say Happy Birthday to you my love. Share this:

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