Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Husband

Is your husband celebrating the birthday? And you are searching for really romantic and loving wishes for him? You are at right place. We are presenting heart touching birthday wishes for the husband.

Husband is a beautiful creation of God, as he put a lot of trust and love even in our worse times. We hope if you choose one of them and send to your husband, these wishes will be really memorable for him.

So spend a bit time here and choose Heart touching and romantic wish or message for your husband

Aww! I still remember that day when I saw you,
I fell in love with you that very moment,
Happy birthday to my love of life,
Without you, I won’t be able to survive,
Have a superlative day sweetheart!

Happy birthday my sweet honey, You have given me your love, time, care and support,
So please accept my loving wish for you today,
May you have a fun filled and awesome day,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

When you are by my side,
I can turn every tide,
Your love is all I need my dear,
With you around, I feel no fear,
Happy birthday, sweetheart,
Have a wonderful day with a lovely start!

My hubby,
Your love means the world to me,
You always supported me in life,
I am so glad on being your wife,
On this special birthday of yours,
Let me wish you lots of success and good luck,
Happy birthday, sweetheart!

My love for you will never end,
With you it’s just love, I don’t need to pretend,
Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband I know,
You know I love you so much, do I have to show?
Have a wonderful day!

You are my true strength in life,
You always help me when I need your support,
Thanks for your love; I will always love you,
Happy birthday, have a lovely day!

With the years passing by,
Our love is growing like high,
You are my true soul mate,
I am so lucky, so is my fate,
Happy birthday dear hubby,
Have a lovely day!

Dear hubby,
May you get the wealth,
With that an awesome health,
With that all the love,
Then no one will ever shove,
Happy birthday to you!

You are the most honest and kindest person in this world,
I am so blessed to be your wife,
You are a perfect husband,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

May your every wish comes true,
Coz people like you are one in few,
You always loved me,
Like no one else will do,
Have a lovely day today,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for husband with love

On your birthday today,
I want to say a special thanks to you,
Thanks for being such a wonderful part of my life,
You truly mean the world to me,
There is no one beyond you I can see,
Happy birthday, sweetheart!

I can’t imagine my life without you,
Do you even have a clue?
That I truly love you so much,
My love for you is pure; my love for you is such,
That I won’t be able to survive without you,
Happy birthday, dear,
Always stay near!

Do you know what the meaning of husband to me is?

May this birthday brings lots of good luck and cheer in your life,
Always stay blessed, get everything you want,
Have an awesome day today my dear,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

Living without you is a difficult thing to do,
With you, my world seems so new,
I love you the way no one else will do,
Wish a very happy birthday to you!

You are the man of my dreams,
For you, I can go to any extreme,
Coz I truly love you, my sweetheart,
We shall never ever part,
On this birthday,
This is a promise from my side,
Happy birthday, hubby dear!

birthday wishes for facebook

I want to confess something,
There is one person in my life, I love the most,
There is one person in my life, I trust the most,
You know who it is?
It’s you, my sweet hubby,
Wish you a very happy birthday,
Have a lovely day!

I pray and wish our love never fades with time,
I pray that it should always remain like the sweet chime,
You are the best hubby anyone can ever ask,
Without you, difficult seems every task,
You are my true support,
Happy birthday to my sweetest hubby!

You mean the world to me,
There is no one beyond you that I can see,
Sweetheart, wish you a very happy birthday,
Have a superlative day,
This is my only wish for you today!

Funny birthday wishes and messages for husband

The relation between husband and wife has love and funny feelings to enjoy the life. Fun is also another side of your relationship. Moreover, Birthday wishes are jollification for everyone. But it can be more fun if your wishes are funny to irritate someone. Do you have funny mood? want to celebrate your husband’s birthday with fun?. Then you should choose one wish from these

Oh, my hubby, what shall I say,
You are my only destination and way,
I feel so good in wishing you today,
Happy birthday to you, have a memorable day!

Roses are naturally red,
Violets are naturally blue,
But, you don’t have a clue,
On your birthday, I would want to repeat I love you!
Happy Birthday!

It has been a long journey with you, my hubby,
Your snores and sounds do not bother me anymore,
Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday dear!

I really love your parents a lot,
You might be wondering, why?
Ok, they gifted you to me, so here is wishing you a very happy birthday!

Intelligent, smart, thoughtful, and compassionate,
These words are not for you my beloved,
Just wondering how you ended up being with me coz I have all the above qualities,
Happy birthday!

Belated Happy Birthday wishes and messages for husband

Oh! Did you forget to wish your Hubby on his Birthday? This mistake can aggravate your relation more. he will be angry, and his anger can create more tensions in your relationship. But there is no need to worry about your blunder, we promise these wishes will make him happy again. Just have a look here and choose the best one.

Sorry hubby I forgot your birthday, Please forgive me and make my day, By the way, wish you a happy belated birthday!


Roses are always red,

Violets are always blue,

But, do you have a clue,

That I forgot your birthday,

Because I wanted to make it more special today,

Happy belated birthday!

Sorry sweetheart I know I am late,

But, let me talk to you straight,

Won’t do this again as I wish you today,

A very happy belated birthday!

Sorry dear, I forgot the most important day of your life, But, you know that you are the most important person in my life, Wish you a very happy belated birthday!

My dear hubby, hope your birthday was extra special as you are in my life, Wish you a belated happy birthday!

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