Long Birthday messages and wishes for a Best Friend (Male, Female)

Almost, all of us send long messages to girlfriends and lovers. But it is an interesting point that our best friends also deserve a couple of our messages in a year. It is a matter of fact that birthday of your girlfriend is a very special event in your life but the birthday of your Best friend should be celebrated and wished in a great way. After all, your best friend is the one who always supported you when you were in some kind of difficulty in your life. So, send following long birthday messages to your best friends, not because of that, they are your best friend. It is because that they deserve most of your messages.

Long Birthday Messages for a Best Friend

Have you cute and best friends in your life? Do you want to wish him/her in a more interesting way? Are facing a problem with wording your feelings? If all of these questions have the answer “yes” then you are at the right place. We are writing long paragraphs of birthday wishes for your best friend. Send these wishes to your friend and tell them that how much they are important for you in your life.

  • In my childhood, I was thinking that there are no angels in real life. Angels are always in stories of my grandma. After your presence in my life, I realized that angels may be present in form of friends. I am saying this, because of you, my life is so easy. Without you, my life can become very hard for me. You know why am I admiring all this today? Because it is the birthday of my best friend.
  • The best friend has two qualities. One is that he always speaks truth to his/her friend about him (Freind). He/she always informs the shortcomings of friends and give a wonderful piece of advice to correct mistakes and error. A second quality of the best friend is quite interesting; he/she is like a shadow. Because the best friend always helps and supports a friend in his/her hard times. And you know? You have both qualities, my best friend. Let me confess today that you are the only best friend in my life because today is your birthday. May you live long my friend.
  • For the best friends, it is not inevitable that they talk on the daily basis. It is also not necessary that best friends get together daily. Best friends have only one excellence and that is, whenever they meet, they never stop talking. We will get together soon, my friend. Now I wish you a very happy Birthday.
  • Man is the other name for errors and mistakes. Today I confess that I made many mistakes and errors in my life. Despite my mistakes and childish behavior, you always stood side with me that supported me a lot. I feel no hesitation to say you that I love you so much, my friend. My best wishes to you on your birthday.
  • I remember my childhood when we used to play together. I also remember the school time, which was a great time in our life. Besides these, I remember every moment which I spent with you, my friend. Now busy life bounds us that we have very short time for getting together. That is why I can only wish you on your birthday. May you get every target in your life. Great day.
  • We have many reasons to be best friends. We shared millions of great moments together in our life. Moreover, We enjoyed ourselves lot of jokes together. We know hundreds of secrets of one another. That is why I am saying that we have many reasons. Anyhow, it is a very special day because it is your birthday. I wish you very happy birthday my friend. May your every dream come true in your life.
  • It is a probability that you may spend a happy life without me but it is very difficult for me. Because you are so amazing and caring person who I have ever known in my life. You are essential for me as air is essential for taking a breath. You are necessary for me like Carbon Dioxide is essential for trees and plants. After this confession, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. Great wishes for the great person.
  • “A friend in need is a friend indeed” is an old quotation. After seeing you, I realize that the quotation is not true. 😀 You are the only idiot friend who is the only reason for my beating from my Dad. Every complaint you did to my Dad, realized me that you are an asshole. 😀 . But you are so sweet, without you, my life is incomplete. However, Happy Birthday, you, idiot.
  • You know, in my childhood, you taught me how to play cricket? In my teenage, you taught me that how to trust others. In my adult age, you taught me that how to play games with others 😀 . Besides the best friend, let me confess today that you are also a good teacher. I love you so much my best friend. May you achieve every desire of your life. Happy Birthday to my best friend.
  • Great Birthday wishes to a great friend and charming personality in my life.

Have you any best friend in your life? If yes, then, believe me, your friend deserves your message and wishes. So, send these long birthday messages to your best friend. Moreover, if you have more long birthday wishes please share with us in the comment box.


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