Short Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages (Really Inspiring)

The superb ways of Short Birthday wishes are text messages, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. It saves your time as well as the time of Birthday Celebrants. It is said that “Brevity is the soul of wit”. So, whatever you want to say, you should say in exact words. Your search for Short Birthday messages can end here because we have everything that you want about Birthday wishes.

Short Funny Birthday Wishes and messages

Now you can make fun with some short birthday wishes messages. Following “short funny Birthday Wishes” is the craziest one.

  • Hey! Old guy! I think your first pet was Dinosaur. Happy Birthday
  • You should not count your wrinkles, count blessings 😛 Enjoy Birthday
  • You should celebrate the Black day on your Birthday
  • I have been waiting for a year for your great party, not your Birthday.
  • It is suggested that you be in Museum now. You, an ancient guy.
  • I know your real age: By the way Happy Birthday
  • It is impossible to manage candles which are equal to your age. Happy Birthday without Candles on a cake
  • Don’t expect a gift from me. Just subsist on my messages. 😛 Happy Birthday
  • A fart is better than a friend like you. Enjoy celebrations of your Birthday
  • Happy Black Day. LoL
happy birthday wishes

Short happy Birthday Wishes and messages for Friends

Friends are the real wealth of a man. You can celebrate Birthday of your friend with more zeal and excitement. The celebration of your friend’s birthday on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and text messaging is quite simple with our collection of Short Birthday Wishes for Friends.

  • Wishing you another blessed year.
  • May your every dream come true in this year. Great Birthday
  • Your smile is an inspiration for all of us. Keep smiling and Enjoy your birthday.
  • Wonderful and great Birthday to you
  • A wonderful person deserves wonderful Birthday Celebration.
  • Happy Birthday to a most charming and handsome person on the Earth. Many happy returns of the day.
  • Celebrate your birthday in a splendid way as you are a splendid person
  • A Birthday wishes to you. May you live long
  • May you get every wish in your life.
  • Many happy returns of the day.

Short Birthday messages for boyfriend

Birthday of a boyfriend is the very special event for a girlfriend. We will learn how to send a short message to wish him in the following discussion

  • You are an ideal for all boyfriends of other girls in the world. Enjoy your day
  • Every day is special for me but this day is extra special for me. May you live long
  • You may be a wish of every girl in the world. I love you so much. Happy a day which is so special for you and for me.
  • Sexiest Birthday to the sexiest boy on the Planet
  • Happy Birthday my future.

Short Happy Birthday messages and wishes for Brother

Brother is not a relationship it is a world. On Birthday of your brother, you can wish him through text messages, Facebook, and other social media sites. But the selection of words is a difficult task. Here, we can solve this difficulty

  • Happy birthday to my lovely mentor.
  • There is no comparison of my love for my brother. Happy Birthday my Brother
  • Today is the birthday of most charming, dashing and handsome boy. Happy Birthday my Brother
  • I can never forget your love for me, my brother. May you live long
  • I know it’s your birthday, now, let’s go for a party.

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