30 Special Birthday Messages and wishes for Friend

Some relations are very special in someone’s life. Friendship is one of those relations. These relations deserve more attention and care. We know, feelings for that kind of relations are also special. It is very difficult to word those feelings. And it becomes more difficult if you have to find special words for your special ones. Birthday of a friend is an auspicious event in a life of everyone. Moreover, on this auspicious event, some special messages are required for a friend. We are here to tell your friends that how much they are important in your life. You have to just copy and paste following messages and send to their friends.

Special Birthday Messages for Friend

  • Friends are the blessing of God. Without friends, a man is nothing. I know, you are very special to me. You are more than a friend. You mean a lot to me, my friend. Today is your birthday which is a special day for me. I wish you a happy birthday on this day.


  • Can I remind you that how much the days were beautiful when we studied together in college? We enjoyed a lot. We celebrated many birthdays. Now we are distant from each other. But distance cannot reduce our love and friendship for each other. However, special bday wishes for my special friend.


  • You are the most charming guy in my friend’s circle. That is why I am wishing you on your birthday. May you live long. Happy Birthday to you, my friend.


  • We shared our toys in our childhood. Moreover, I have every memory of that moment which we spent together. I never forget to wish you on your birthday, my friend. May you achieve every goal in your life. Happy birthday to the most handsome person on the earth.


  • I think those moments are the best in my life which I spent with you. In addition, I never forget those parties, celebrations, and chatting. You are not only a friend to me you are also a brother to me. God bless you.


  • You are the only guy in my friend’s circle who are 35 years old. I think we should call you uncle. 😀 Happy 50th birthday my friend. 😛


  • So, the most awaited day has come. Your birthday is a very special day for all of us. Do you know why? Yes, because your birthday means a splendid party for all friends. So, be ready for a party my dear friend. Many happy returns of the day.


  • Happy birthday to the age-fellow of Dinosaurs. I want to give you a suggestion, please take a leave from your job and Die. 😀 Because your age fellow is wanting now. Anyhow, happy birthday to the oldest guy. 😛


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