80+ Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes (Amazing Reply)

Now a day Birthday Wishes are more fun than anything else on social sites and text messaging. Celebrating a birthday with your beloved ones is a great source of joy. Getting text messages and status on social sites bring a smile on your face. However, it has become a problem that “How to say thank you in your reply for Birthday Wishes”? An answer to this question is no more a problem now. Because we are enlisting amazing and more interesting list of “Thank you for Birthday Wishes”. You should read following thanking list and make your friendship and relationship more strong.

How to say Thank you in Reply for Birthday Wishes Quotes

Thank you all for wishes on my Birthday. Your messages of wishes make my birthday very special. I am feeling so blessed that I have such nice friends and family. Bundle of Thanks.

I know time is very precious wealth. I want to thank you all who give their precious time to wish me on my Birthday.

It was a great jollification for me to read your messages on Facebook and text message. Thank you all. It will make the day very auspicious and special. It really tells me that how I am important to all you guys. Thank you again.

I just want to say thank you all who wish me on my Birthday.

It is very hard to mention every name who wished me on my Birthday. However, everyone is special to me. Thank you so much all of my friends and family.

I felt so blessed after reading your lovely messages. Only words in return for your wishes are,  “thank you to all”.

I know! My birthday is not a special day. Due to your messages and wishes, it became a very special day for me. Thank you for your Birthday Wishes.

I know my Birthday is just a day but your beautiful wishes make my year. Feeling blessed.

With money, anything can be bought, but friends like you are priceless. Thank you so much for your birthday wishes.

How to reply Thank You for Birthday Messages and Wishes Funny

I know birthday wishes are great fun but it can be more fun if the reply of wishes is funny. To make a smile on the faces of your friends you should reply the messages of your friends and family in following ways

I am thinking whether I should thank my dirty fellows or Facebook. Thank Facebook to make my day special. 😛

My poor friends! I know why you are wishing. But don’t expect a single treat without my birthday gift.

I know the meaning of your advance wishes. Only messages are not enough, gifts are also necessary for a treat.

I wasted my whole day to read your wishes with grammar blunders. Please improve your English. By the way, thank you so much.

Special Thanks HappyBirthdaywish1.com so that I have no need to type a reply to your boring wishes. Copy and Paste are enough for your messages with full of errors.

Thank you who wrote lovely wishes on my wall. For others who don’t just go to hell

Thank you for wishing me on my Facebook wall. Thank you all because I am too fabulous for one day.

Facebook is amazing. It never let you forget my Birthday and treat. Thanks, Facebook

There is good news for those who wished me; they will remain my Facebook Friends. While others are going to be unfriend list.

Thank you for wishing me, my old farts.

Thank you in reply of Birthday Wishes Message

Wishes on your timeline of Facebook also give you a great delight. But Birthday wishes in your Inbox tell you the importance of you in lives of other people. Moreover, Birthday Wishes Messages in inbox inform you the sincerity and deepness of your relationship. It is easy to say “thank you all” on the timeline for wishes but it is very difficult to reply everyone in the message. But there is no need to worry we are here to solve your problem. You have to just copy and paste and your all tensions about “Thank You Message in reply” will resolve in no time.

Thank you so much, my friend! Your way of wishing me on my Birthday always gives me a shock. You are love. Thank you

I am amazed, how can you remember my Birthday every year. It tells my importance in your life. Thank You, Brother, for wishing me once again.

Your Birthday Gift was awesome. I enjoyed a lot because of friends just like you. But your wishing message was amazing more than your gifts. Thank you for wishing me and your gifts.

It is feeling proud for me to have a friend like you. You never miss wishing my Birthday on time. Thank you, my Brother.


I would like to say thank you for your kind wishes on Facebook wall and inbox.

Thank you so much for wishing me. I never forget your love and affection which you always show on my birthday every year. It was amazing for me.

thank you for birthday messages

Thank You Msg for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Before Facebook, Birthday event was not so remarkable. It is Facebook which gives such importance to Birthday event. Hundreds of your friend know the day of your Birthday. It is all because of Facebook. Moreover, Birthday Wishes on your timeline with different images and videos turn your day into great memories.  But the reply to all these messages becomes some tricky now a day. We are enlisting some thank you Msg for Birthday Wishes on Facebook; here you can go

“Thank you all for wishing me on Facebook and bundle of Thanks Facebook too”

“There are hundreds of wishes on my Facebook Wall which make me feel very special today. There are no special words in reply to your wishing. Thank you so much”

“Facebook is amazing. It made my birthday so special. I spent my whole on reading different wishing paragraphs on my timeline. Thank you so much my all friends.”

“I am feeling blessed to have such great friends and family. Because of your guys, my birthday became a remarkable day. Gratitude”

“Special thanks to everyone who made my day so special. Thank Facebook.”

“Amazing! A lot of Birthday wishes on my timeline. Thanks a lot, guys.”

“Your wishes mean a lot to me. Your wishes and gifts made my day so special. Thank you all. Gratitude”

“Your words of wishes are not the only words. Your words made my day extra special. Thanks a lot.”

“Yes! I am not getting old; every year my friend list is growing. However, I am very thankful to all my friends and Family members for wishing me on my Birthday.”

Thank you so much all for Birthday Wishes.

Thank You in Reply for Birthday Messages, Everyone

Every person is special who is wishing you on Facebook or through Text Messages. You should reply the messages of everyone. It makes you more popular with your friend. Here are some interesting ways to reply Thank You message for Birthday Wishes to Everyone

  • It is very hard to reply everyone personally. You all are very special to me. I am thankful to all of you for wishing me on my Birthday
  • Every person in my life has a special place in my heart. I am grateful to all of those who wished me on my birthday. It makes me feel extra special. Thank you all
  • Thanks to everyone who made my day special and memorable.

Thank you Birthday Message to Family and Friends

Sincere circle of Friends and Family is a splendid blessing for a man. Furthermore,  Friends and Family who care about your Birthday added more joys in your life. It is your duty to say thank you for the wishes of your Family and Friends. We are here to make you duty easier. You can say thank you to your Family and Friends in an easy way;

  • You did a lot for me on my Birthday. Now it is time for a party from my side. Thank you so much
  • To all my well-wishers! Thank you so much.
  • Thank you for such amazing gifts and wishes.
  • Where I bring the special words to say you thank you in return for your special wishes. Thank you all
  • It is your kindness and love as you give me your precious time on my Birthday. Thank you for my Family members and Friends.

Thank You messages for Birthday Wishes are important. Moreover, These messages tell your family and Friends that how much they are important in your life. So, keep sharing all these messages with your friends and Family.

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